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Learning an age old tradition!

Kid in a sweetie shop

I have enjoyed woodwork for many years, and have even developed a workshop in my back garden where i used to go to escape the kids! I was aware of Killinchy Clocks and had seen and admired their lovely clocks, but had never owned one until now. My son made me aware that the workshop owners were thinking of shutting up shop and he was going to take a look at it. He invited me along. I suspect he knew that I'd be like a kid in a sweety shop as soon as i saw the machinery & drawings never mind the clocks! I was keen to have a closer look, so tagged along before setting up a meeting with the owners Dick & Charles.

Dick & Charles introduced me to the workshop with an extraordianry enthusiasm recounting how they set up the business, some of the publicity they had gained over the years and how they'd solved many of lifes issues over a cup of tea by immersing themselves in creative thought in an old workshop oozing with charm above the local country post office.

Dick and Charles started in business together after retirement as a paying hobby to keep the grey matter active. I had been looking for something to do over Winter months and this seemed to be just the ticket. By the end of our half hour meeting I was the proud owner of a Clock Making Workshop with little more knowledge about clocks than I had prior to the meeting! However both previous owners promised they would pass on their knowledge & skill to help me get up & running.

Killinchy Clocks Workshop

Our first meeting involved an introduction to the machines, clock parts and designs. I was told that the first clock I make is the one that I put on my own wall, so I had to make sure it was well made!

Killinchy Clock

After many months of hard work, I finally finished my own farmhouse clock. Here it is hanging in my living room. If you are interested in seeing any of my handiwork, please do get in touch on 07790824598.

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